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M-Fold Dispenser

SIZE      :  H 23.2 x W 28.0 x D11.6 cm

A range hand towel dispensers, from a coordinated range of
washroom dispenser products, that promote hygiene, improve
comfort and care, and help control costs.

Ideal for: dispensing 'Inter-fold' towels, without the need to
touch the dispenser; helping to reduce contamination and
the spread of germs. Our unique patented overfill prevention
device makes refilling easy and prevents jamming and wastage.

Available as: quick-fill dispenser in a sleek and contemporary
design, with a white, high-gloss, easy-clean finish and no
dirt or dust traps, a window (so you can see when a refill is
needed) plus an option for customising the dispenser to match
your colour scheme.