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HRT Dispenser

SIZE         :    12.0000x7.0000x12.5000
COLOR     :    WHITE

The Scott® Slimroll™ Towel System is a true breakthrough in touchless hard roll technology, proving that good things do come in small, high performance packages! It lets you use a roll towel dispenser in places you didn’t think it was possible. Like right next to the sink. Or at a nurses’ station where you’ve never been
able to fit a roll towel dispenser before.

a.     Compact dispenser is perfect size for the break
        room or small restrooms.
b.    High capacity in a compact system for less     
       maintenance time, run-outs and complaints
c.    Hygienic dispensing—only touch the towel you use
d.    Close-to-sink placement helps eliminate slip

Spare Parts and Keys and fall hazards caused by dripping hands ADA compliant and easy to install and load. For use only with Scott® Slimroll™ Towels